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A Meatsmith Harvest

Dec 18, 2017

Brandon and Lauren start by reviewing the important information: Meatsmith has 3 holiday gifts you can offer your loved ones this holiday season! Membership, the (spanking new) Knife Folio, and harvest classes.

The meat of the episode covers 3 questions offered by members of our intimate Patreon community.  The first is...

Oct 25, 2017

Brandon and Lauren discuss the economic realities of 'good meat' market culture from the standpoint of several audiences: the 'good food' consumer (hopefully all of us), the homesteader raising their own meat and selling a little as well, and also the small-scale butcher and educator.

They confront both hardships and...

Oct 2, 2017

Brandon and Lauren recount their journey from the obtuse existence of using dull knives, to learning simple but scary sharp sharpening techniques.  

They discuss the difference between the stainless steel 'package' (protective gear, multiple shape knives, pistol grip) and the high-carbon steel blade.

Lastly, they share...

Sep 22, 2017

Brandon and Lauren discuss harvesting backyard poultry.  They consider the different approaches when harvesting whole flocks for customers vs. a handful of birds for your own home.

Fois gras emerges as a fun topic for them, the dis-advantages of the popular 'wax-method' of feather removal, as well the advantages of...

Sep 1, 2017

Brandon and Lauren discuss 4 species of backyard birds for the smallholder: geese, turkey, chicken and especially ducks.

They consider breeds and husbandry and cutout right before discussing harvesting methods, which will be a full second part episode.  They consider supplementary topics such as foie gras, raising birds...