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A Meatsmith Harvest

Jun 16, 2020

In this episode, Part 2 of a two-part series, Brandon and Lauren talk about slaughtering goat kids and sheep, what rennett is and what it is used for, and the art of duck gavage.  They also delve into more philosophical topics such as:  humane slaughter vs. natural death, the danger of compassion in the slaughter, and why eating meat is brazen.

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Part 2 Show Notes 

  • Slaughtering goat kids, 1:14 
    • Scalding and scraping, 6:26
    • Rennett, 8:33
    • Kid carcass, 9:45
  • Slaughtering mauled sheep, 13:32
  • Humane slaughter vs. natural death, 20:13
  • The danger of compassion when slaughtering, 21:06
  • Eating meat is brazen, 24:53
  • Other spring projects, 27:43
    • Ducks and gavage, 28:20

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