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A Meatsmith Harvest

Aug 3, 2018

Topics Discussed

Introduction and Announcements:

  • Podcast year 2 commences.
  • Film production beginning this summer...
  • To that end, WE'RE HIRING!  Please see links below if you or someone you trust is interested in a Content and Media position with us.
  • Ramping up podcast production to 1/ week soon!
  • We're developing new branches of our online education...Support us in two ways:
    • Patreon support will help us expand: We really, really, mean it this time; we want you to join our team and mission.
    • Membership is open!! Join us.  A full year of content is there.  Registration is open through mid-August.
  • Harvest Journal Film sample below...
  • Upcoming fall classes here on Vashon and in Minnesota.


  • How we entered the world of barbecue. 16:30
  • The whole point of fire-roasting whole animals: 26:20
  • Four rules: No thermometer, no deadline, LOW AND SLOW, & look for meat falling off the bone.
  • How Lauren makes her flatbread: 48:00
  • Making a sauce: 56:56
  • So what's the recipe for cooking a whole carcass?: 1:00:40
  • Wood selection and characteristics: 1:13:25
  • Further Resources: 1:22:05

Links for Episode 13

-Content and Media Director Job Description:


-Sample Harvest Journal film from our membership:

-Spit roasting apparatus source:

-Our first whole animal spit roast:

-Tartine Bread book for flat bread:

-Seven Fires book:


-Todo Sobre el Asado: