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A Meatsmith Harvest

Jan 16, 2019

In Episode 27, Brandon and Lauren discuss the need to be decisive and aggressive when killing an animal in order to protect its dignity and to show it mercy.  They explain how a sharp knife is critical in making this happen.  Other topics covered are: the intimacy of killing an animal with a knife, how to make the cut and manage the animal as it is dying, collecting blood for blood sausage, working with the animal's nature throughout the kill, and whether a knife or gun is the best tool to use.

And finally, for those that have been asking.....information on Brandon's gambrel and where you can purchase your own.

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Christmastide, 1:01
  • Feasting....Even when you don't like the bacon! 3:10
  • Fundamental principles of the lead-up to the kill, 40:28
  • Taking down and subduing a ruminant, 1:09:21

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • Be decisive and aggressive....out of mercy and to preserve the dignity of the animal, 1:00
  • "Be at the service of the sheep"-  managing your feelings of reticence during the kill, 2:53
  • The kill, 10:40
    • Knife or gun?, 11:10
    • Use a "crazy-sharp knife"! 15:28
    • How to make the cut, and the need to hold on to the sheep after delivering the kill, 18:38
    • Collecting blood for blood sausage, 31:48
    • Snapping the neck and nicking the spinal cord, 32:18
  • Brandon's gambrel, 38:11
  • The intimacy of killing an animal with a knife, and honoring the animal's nature throughout the kill, 43:20

Links for Episodes 26 + 27: