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A Meatsmith Harvest

Apr 26, 2020

This is Part 2 of a two-part series.

In this episode, Brandon and Lauren share what has worked well in their homeschooling and parenting efforts. They provide a glimpse into a typical day -- how they balance school, chores, meals, and business. They discuss: how homeschooling and self-sustainability are a natural extension of their lifestyle; the critical roles virtue and self mastery play within the home; and how technology needs to be harnessed to the role of tool - not enslaver.

As a final topic, Brandon and Lauren talk about Brandon's new films on lamb tartare and cabrito, now available under "Membership" on the website.


Introduction and Announcements:

  • To Harvest a Pig Nicely is now available FREE of charge on our YouTube channel!
  • Membership is open!
    • 60-day free trial available!  Promo code: "60daytrial"
    • New content available on lamb tartare and cabrito
    • Membership forum topics now categorized for easy browsing!
  • Join us for one of our upcoming spring Family Pig classes!
  • Help us produce more episodes by supporting us on Patreon:

Part 2 Show Notes:

    • Technology as tool, not enslaver; 1:00
  • Building good habits, 4:04
    • self-mastery, 10:25
  • Chores, 22:17
  • Our school day, 24:52
    • Teaching in 20-30 minute segments, 24:52
    • Outdoor time, 31:41
  • Self-sustainability and homeschooling as an extension of our lifestyle, 33:47
  • Farmstead Meatsmith membership, 43:11
    • new content on lamb tartare and cabrito
  • Buying from farmstands during the Coronavirus, 45:27
  • Cabrito: eating baby goats, 49:43

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