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A Meatsmith Harvest

Jul 14, 2021

In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren discuss Natural Law, what it is, and how it is observable on the farm. In part 2, they continue to illustrate Natural Law with livestock death and how urbanization erases the weight of Natural Law upon us. 

Introduction and Announcements:

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Charcuterie prayer, 1:07
  • Podcast becoming more philosophical, 3.19
    • Natural Law, 5:41
    • Natures cues, 6:55
  • Inviting guests onto the podcast, 10:40
  • Membership Meatsmith education, 12:20
  • Summer classes and pork shares, 14:54
  • Learning Natural Law through raising livestock, 16:12
    • Emotional reactions to slaughter, 20:03
  • Definition of Natural Law, 25:19
  •  Pigs are always piggish, 33:22
  •  The Creator and his order, 37:31
  • Natural Law vs. Naturalism, 39:24
  • Raising chickens anecdotes, 44:10
  • Assuming the nature of things is either perceivable or non-existent, 45:30

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • The good in Natural Law, 1:51
  • Metaphysical assumptions 3:03

               Essentialism, 3:03

               Teleology, 5:23

               Emotional regard, 6:53

  • Mrs. Beeton anecdote about emperor Charles V, 11:05
  • Observing Natural Law in every day, 14:46
  • Pig Hierarchy, 17:38
  • Ignoring the cues of nature, 26:14
  • Death isn't part of Natural Law, 27:40

             Killing is a brazen act, 28:42

  • God is at the top of the hierarchy, 29:00
  • Take death rightly, 32:19

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