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A Meatsmith Harvest

Jul 23, 2022

In this episode, we chat with Ross McKnight of Backwater Foie Gras about the practical element of gavage, why gavage isn't force-feeding, breed of duck, feed used, legally selling farm products, prose, and poetry. 


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  • The practical element of gavage, 1:02
  • Gavage is a natural form of agriculture, 13:55                 
  • Muscovy or mallard, 10:40 & 15:05
  • How much to feed them, 16:00
  • It's not force-feeding, 17:42
  • Using whole corn, 21:04
  • Write this down and frame it for your kitchen, 22:23
  • Why foie gras?, 43:03
  • Age of the muscovies, 29:12
  • Using milk, 32:49
  • Pre--gavage treatment, 34:42
  • Meatsmith & Backwater Foie Gras should offer classes together, 45:15
  • A PMA (Private Membership Association) as an alternative to selling retail, 46:56
  • Millers Organic Farm as a PMA example, 54:36
  • The power of bureaucracy, 57:21
  • A PMA in every state, 1:04:00
  • Food safety regulations are written for industrial-scale, not small farms, 1:06:00
  • Food prices at farmers market, 1:07:52
  • Culinary ignorance, 1:12:36
  • You can make a living farming, 1:17:28
  • Swimming with the current that is the natural order, 1:20:39

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