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A Meatsmith Harvest

Mar 20, 2019

In Episode 34, Brandon and Lauren discuss how to overcome your child's reluctance to eat the meat you've raised.  In doing so, they provide some helpful strategies to employ and explain why time is on your side.  They also explain: why it is no contradiction of the tenderness with which you raise your animals, to kill them; the inescapable truth that our lives come at a cost; and the belief that we should endeavor to deserve the gift of an animal's life, as well as honor it in the way we prepare its meat.

Other topics include: the shelf-life of blood, whether you can freeze it; and a few stories from Brandon's recent slaughters of a large sow and a bloated sheep.

Episode 35, our upcoming podcast, will cover butchery rationale.

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Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Discussion on "use-by" date and freezing of blood, 3:54
  • Notes on Brandon's recent slaughters:
    • Sow, 7:52
    • Bloated sheep, 11:51
  • Overcoming your children's reluctance to eat the meat you've raised, 14:39
    • Helping them to understand that it is no contradiction of the tenderness with which we raise our animals to kill them, 15:27
    • Patience is a virtue....
      • Tastes may change with age/maturity, 24:50
      • In time, the philosophy of the kill may come to be understood, 29:46
    • Start off with the more mildly-flavored cuts
    • Attach the idea of the killing and eating of animals to more positive things, 38:19
    • Help him come to understand the cost of our lives, and endeavor to deserve the gift of the animal's life,
      • Meat has become divorced from its origins
      • "My life has no terrestrial cost"

Part 2 Show Notes:

Coming soon!

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