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A Meatsmith Harvest

Jul 14, 2019

In Episodes 40 and 41, Brandon does Hollywood!

In this two-part series, Brandon talks of his experiences competing against three other highly-skilled butchers on the History Channel's premiere episode of its new show The Butcher. Hear Brandon describe the three different rounds of the competition: 1) splitting a pig using an old-school hog splitter, quartering it, and then butchering to a list;  2) cutting steaks, and eye-balling them to weight without a scale, and 3) butchering a mystery beast to maximize its retail value in the final round of the show, "Meat the Monster."  Learn what it was like behind the scenes, the unexpected challenges the contestants faced, and how personal butchery preferences, philosophies, practices, in addition to experience and skill, affected the outcome of the competition.

 Introduction and Announcements:

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  • Watch Brandon compete on The History Channel's The Butcher.
  • To Kill a Pig Nicely now available FREE of charge on our YouTube channel!

Part 1 Show Notes:

  • Brandon travels to L.A. to compete in The History Channel's The Butcher, 3:19
  • Pork shares now on sale!, 5:48
  • Our Family Pig classes - Come join us!, 7:29
  • Videos, podcasts, and Patreon, 15:48
  • "To Kill a Pig Nicely", 19:09
  • Demo videos coming to YouTube!, 22:20
  • Brandon's experience competing in The History Channel's The Butcher, 27:27
  • Troubles with the bandsaws, 42:08

Part 2 Show Notes:

  • Coming soon!

Links for Episode 40:

Links for Episode 41 coming soon!