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A Meatsmith Harvest

Sep 1, 2022

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In this episode, we talk about our upcoming Martinmas Goose class, all the events Brandon is participating in, our thoughts on The Church and the Land by Fr. Vincent McNabb, the four causes, and leaving the cities. 


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Topics for Episode 79:

  • Goose Harvest class, 2:36
  • Traditional Skills Summit, 14:33
  • The Ozark Homesteading Expo, 16:59
  • White Oak Pastures Backyard Butcher Workshop, 19:07
  • Melissa Noris, 21:54
  • Fr Vincent McNabb, 23:15
  • A departure from order and philosophy, 26:49
  • The four causes, 28:31
  • Corn as it's acted upon by its four causes, 33:20
  • Isolate the material causes, 37:00
  • What a city is, 42:25
  • Liberalism and communism have the same end, 47:10
  • Reasons to leave the city, 54:09
  • The order in The Lord's Prayer, 1:01:18

The section of The Church and the Land by Fr. Vincent McNabb that Brandon reads includes a quote from Rural Roads to Security by Mgr. Ligutti, and then flows into another from Alternative to Death by the Earl of Portsmouth. 

Links for Episode 79: